Bluehost or HostGator Email Accounts Get Tons of Junk Mail or Rejected Emails?


David’s publishing company's main channel of communication is email. As a publisher, they are constantly emailing artists, graphic designers, fulfillment services etc.

The problem was that they received an incredible amount of junk mail, and many of their emails were going undelivered. Undeliverable or rejected emails is a common problem with using companies like BlueHost and HostGator for your emails. For David's company, this was unacceptable. Deadlines were being missed, clients getting frustrated etc.


We switched them to Google Apps which uses Gmail for email and allows him to create email addresses at his own .com address, eg., just like he had set up before. The ridiculous amount of junk mail that was previously coming in was cut to a fraction of what used to come through. The rejected emails were no longer an issue. Crisis eliminated.


Another great benefit to Google Apps is that for each account you create, you get 30 GB of storage for email and Google Drive. That means if you're paying $10/month for storage on Dropbox, you can downgrade your Dropbox account and move your files to Google Drive. All the sharing features my clients use Dropbox for, Google Drive has as well, so you probably won't miss anything.

Best of all, if you're using to check your email account, when you move your mouse over the attachment paperclip icon, you will see a Drive icon. If you click on that, you can attach folders and files right there in the email. Have a big folder to share? No problem, you can attach up to 5 GB of folders and files to the email.

Sounds great, right? At this point you're probably wondering how to set it up and if you have to change your current web host.

First off you don't have to change your web host, you just have to change a few settings on your cpanel, then walk through the setup on Google Apps webpage.


Secondly once you set up your account, you're eligible for phone support. The phone support guys and gals are incredible. I've never been so consistently impressed with a company's phone support. Every advisor I speak to, no matter how simple or complex the issue, has treated me professionally and solved every one of my issues.

If this sounds good but you're still are unsure and the process, please reach out to me. I set this up all the time. My main service is all about streamlining your processes and speeding up your computer so if you have a big mess, I can help! 

Is your email account hosted by Godaddy, Bluehost, HostGator or another similar service? What has your experience been like?

Graphic Credit: Luis Prado