5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Safari

I was giving a refresher session to one of my clients, John the other day on iPhoto after his trip to Spain. He got a Mac just a couple months ago and had me walk him through the purchase process, transfer of files and give him about a 2 hour training bootcamp to get up and running fast. After we went over what we needed to do in iPhoto he had a couple other questions, one of which was how to organize his bookmarks in Safari.

When he asked me that I remembered just how many people have asked me that over the past year and I needed to write a post on it.

Instead, I’m going to show you how to not just organize them, but how to create a folder of bookmarks on your bookmarks bar for easy access to the thing you visit most often, oh and 4 other tips you might not know about Safari or whatever web browser you use.

The 5 things you might not know about Safari:

1. You can create folders in your bookmarks bar.

2. Open multiple links using the Command Key (⌘)

3. Pick up where you left off on your iPhone

4. Quickly save a link or text to your desktop

5. Declutter articles you’re reading of ads and other related content to simplify your reading experience.