Huge Sale on Apple Products + Best Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop for iOS and Mac

Huge Sale on Apple Products

I have had several requests lately of where to find the best deals on Mac Computers. is usually where I send people, but this week they dropped this article talking about a blowout sale that B&H is having.  Definitely check it out if you want upwards of $900 off the MacBook Pro!  There are also deals on iPads and Apple Watches if you are interested.

Dashboard is no more

Dashboard, a longtime Mac feature has been phasing out for the last few years, and has now been eliminated in macOS Catalina. The Dashboard option used to be a prominent Mac feature, giving us easy access to sticky notes, a weather interface, a clock, a calculator, and other customizable widgets. It was disabled by default starting in macOS 10.10 Yosemite, and in the current version of macOS, Mojave, it's still disabled unless you seek it out.  In Catalina, there is no more Dashboard app at all. It can't be enabled via Mission Control and there's no sign of it in the operating system, marking its official exit from macOS. Let’s be honest though, did you even use it?

Gmail Confidential Mode coming June 25

When Gmail messages are sent in confidential mode, it helps protect from unauthorized access, and recipients don’t have the option to forward, copy, print, or download their content or attachments. Senders can also set an expiration date for messages sent with confidential mode and revoke access to them at any time.  To do this, Open Gmail on your computer, On the left hand side click ‘Sent’, Open the confidential email, and click ‘Remove Access.

You can choose to enable or disable confidential mode but you must select the appropriate option in the Admin console for your organization before June 25, 2019. You can find this setting in the Admin console by navigating to Apps > G Suite > Settings for Gmail > User settings.  

If you do not take action before June 25, your domain will automatically have confidential mode turned on for your users, meaning that users will have the option to send emails with confidential mode.  You can check out Google’s support page for more information.


I recently switched over to using DialPad from GoogleVoice and so far I really like it.  I have less dropped calls and it is a lot easier to find contacts and send messages. It also has the ability to link up with other correspondence so I can find previous emails and notes from the contact in DialPad. Keep in mind this is a paid service vs Google Voice which is free for Gmail users and paid for G Suite. Google Voice was just recently added to G Suite and has some new features.

Portable Strength-Training Fitness Device

I just recently came across the Activ5.  It is a portable strength-training fitness device that gives you the ability to complete strength training on the go or in the comfort of your home or office.  The app has coaching on over 100 full-body, no impact and isometric workouts and even personalized calibrations for your strength levels. They even use games in the app to make your workouts fun and interactive.  You can check out some highlight videos here and if you would like to purchase one, check it out here for a great price.

Welcome - A Smart Travel Companion

Looking for an app that will help you plan your travel adventures this summer?  Welcome is an app that does just that! Welcome uses intelligence that automatically generates itineraries on the fly, giving you the ability to adjust as you spend more/less time in a place, and allowing you to easily skip stops that don’t interest you while helping you fill that time slot with something that might.  The suggestions come from your past interests, local experts, and reviews, and also adjust based on location, available transit, and the weather so no need to worry if you will get stuck outside in a rainstorm. You can download it from the App store here.

Best Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop for iOS and Mac

For all of you who’ve thought about getting Photoshop, I wanted to share this article I found by AppleInsider. There are so many other apps available on your Mac and mobile device than Adobe Photoshop for editing your photos. AppleInsider has listed several alternatives or potential apps you could use in addition to Photoshop. I was actually just talking to a client about this the other day and recommended Pixelmator instead of Photoshop. It’s cheap and not subscription based.

A New Privacy App + A Major Google Drive/Docs Update

A New Privacy App

Uncrate has found a gem of an App.  Meet Jumbo. It claims to be the best thing you can do for your social media privacy, next to deleting your accounts altogether.  Jumbo lets you clean your personal data across all social media apps and internet services from just one App.  Take a look at it here.

Gmail, Send Later, Remind Me

Gmail has really leveled up lately! Many of the features I use Spark for are now available in and the Gmail app on mobile devices.  My favorite upgrade is Send Later and Remind Me has been really helpful to see who hasn’t responded that I need to follow up with.

1Password Update

If you haven’t noticed, 1Password got a nice little update and I’ve got some hints to share with you today about it. The biggest thing is pointing out 1Password Mini. That is the icon at the top right hand corner of the screen near the time. If you click on it, you can quickly search for the login that you’re looking for, or if you’re currently on a webpage, it’s going to show you any logins that apply for that page. If you have Evernote open, it should automatically bring up that password. At any point you can drag a username or password out of that little window right into the password field in your app or webpage. Another big feature is their ability to generate new passwords. Change the recipe to have however many numbers and symbols and hit the new Save and Copy button so you can fill it into the webpage. The last thing I want to mention is the Pin on Screen button. The last one didn’t make sense and most people didn’t use it. Now, if you need to keep the window up for a minute, you can find that button quickly and easily. I find this most handy when I’m filling in things like my drivers license or bank account info.

Have Too Many Slack Accounts?

Do you have too many different Slack accounts? If you are only a part of someone else’s Slack for limited communication, or work on a specific project, did you know you can share a Channel with another workspace? My biggest client and I share a channel. I previously had an account and was a part of a number of channels, but since I primarily work on tech for them, we decided to just create a shared channel. Now I don’t have to keep up with a ton of communication coming at me from who-knows-how-many areas, and everything flows into one place from that client. If this sounds interesting, check out how to set it up here or shoot me an email and I can help you set this up. I’ve got some REALLY great suggestions for keeping Slack under control with threading and such too.

Major Google Drive/Docs Update!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this update! A big reason why a lot of people never got into using Google Drive is because any time you wanted to edit a Word, Excel or Powerpoint file, Google would convert it to a Google Doc, Sheet or Slide. Not anymore! Open up an Office document and it just opens straight up and lets you edit and save it in the same Office format. You can always convert it to a Google Doc, PDF or whatever format you want in the file menu, but by default nothing changes. This is a big deal for companies where some people just really prefer using Word and others like Google Docs. If you have the Chrome Extension, Office editor for Docs, Sheet, and Slides, go to the Window menu and click Extensions. Delete the Office editor for Docs, Sheet, and Slides extension.

New OS for iPad, iPhone, Watch, and Mac coming this Fall

With the new iPad OS we get a new home screen, slide over and split view, Sidecar to make your iPad a secondary display for your computer, and so many more great features that will possibly make you wonder why you need a computer.

With iOS 13 we are going to get Dark Mode, Photo and camera enhancements, video editing tools like rotate, crop, and auto enhance (I’m super excited about this), new privacy and security features, updated Maps, even a new Siri voice and a whole bunch more!

WatchOS 6 is a major update that brings additional focus to third-party apps.  With a “Dose" app for tracking medication, and new health feature for monitoring the ambient noise around you.  There's also a new Calculator app, a new Voice Memos app, plus several new watch faces.

In MacOS Catalina, iTunes has been replaced by three apps: Music, Podcasts, and TV (coming later in the year).  It also has a useful new Sidecar feature, designed to turn the iPad into a secondary display for the Mac. Screen Time is being added for Mac.  Photos has an updated interface that better highlights your best pictures, Safari includes a new start page with Siri Suggestions, Mail has a new feature for blocking emails and another new option for muting threads, and the Reminders app has been overhauled and is now more useful.

New Mac Pro Desktop, Apple 6K Display + 5 Tips to Tailor Your Slack Settings


WWDC is this week and some huge announcements were made during the Keynote to kick it off.  You can watch the full keynote here.  In the midst of the awaited software announcements, they pulled out a new Mac Pro and 6K Display that is bound to be a powerhouse duo.  It will cost you though. Starting at $5,999 for the Mac Pro and another $4,999 for the display, and if you want the stand for the display you will be looking at another $999.  That’s a base price of almost $12,000 if you want the whole shebang! They are pretty incredible though. The Mac Pro is insanely fast and beautifully designed. I don’t know of anything like it in the market. Same with the display, it’s 32” and 6K with advancements in range and contrast that are pretty ridiculous. Anyone else drooling?

Disney +

With so many streaming services on the market it was probably only a matter of time before Disney got in on the action. They own so much, including everything from Marvel to Star Wars. Everything that’s in the Disney Vault is coming out and will be included. No rated R material will make it on here even though they now own Hulu. They’re going to keep more adult content there. For all you Disney, Marvel and Star Wars fans, you’re about to have everything in one place and lots more content to come. Check out more about it here.  Launching November 12!

New iPod Touch

Apple updated the iPod Touch to have a minimum of 256 GB of storage. Crazy huh? Lots of videos to be stored on there if you like. My question is, who’s using this though? When I saw this I briefly considered if I could get rid of my iPhone and switch to this. I did an experiment in the month of May of a serious digital detox where I pushed the boundaries of my digital life seeing how little I could use it and to what effect. More on this another time, but I’ll just tell you this, I had the most relaxing vacation ever! All that to say, I’m not giving up my phone for this little guy. But for those of you who want to allow your kids to almost have a phone, it’s cheaper, faster and has more storage than ever.

Tame Your Slack Notifications

I have a lot of people that still haven’t tailored their notifications, especially those that are new to Slack. So here’s some tips for toning down the notifications so you can get mission critical alerts without being bombarded by every comment posted.

Prioritize Important Channels, Silence the Others

Slack groups usually have multiple channels for different conversations.  Although leaving a channel is one way to silence its alerts, there are less drastic measures to take.

Open the channel (or group message) in Slack and tap on its title, then select Notifications.  Here you can choose to either “Mute Entire Channel,” ignore certain kinds of @channel pings, or only get notified about specific mentions or keywords on your iPhone or iPad (without affecting your desktop alerts).

Suspend Notifications When You’re Out

Spending the day in deep work?  Mute Slack notifications for a channel by tapping the triple-dot menu in the upp[er right corner and selecting Snooze Notifications.  You can quiet Slack for as little as 20 minutes or up to 24 hours.

Schedule Daily Do-Not-Disturb Times

You can also stop Slack from messaging you at the same time each day.  Tap the triple-dot menu in the upper right corner and select Settings, then go into the Do Not Disturb setting.  Here, schedule a specific time every day to silence your Slack channel.

Wrangle Your Desktop and Mobile Alerts

In Slack’s notification preferences, you can limit both how and where you’re notified. For example, you can choose to get alerts on your iPhone and Slack’s desktop client simultaneously, or only after your desktop has been idle.  This is a great way to eliminate duplicate alerts.

Make Good Use of Keywords

Keyword notifications can be set for any word or even an emoji. Tap the triple-dot menu in the upper right corner, select Settings, then Notifications  Toward the bottom, select the My Keywords option and enter all the keywords or emoji you always want to be notified about.

New MacBook Pros + US Senate Passes Bill to cut down on robocalling

Apple Refreshes MacBook Pros

If you were waiting to purchase a MacBook Pro until after the WWDC announcement June 3rd, you may not want to.  Apple seems to be doing more “silent launches” for hardware while spending more time speaking about software at their presentation events.  Still it came as a surprise that refreshed MacBook Pros were launched last week. The refresh includes faster Intel processors with up to eight cores for the first time, as well as "new materials" added to the keyboard to hopefully reduce issues such as sticky and repeating keys.  I’d say it’s a great time to buy. Check them out here!

Google updates Maps, Search and Assistant so you can Order Food without App

Do you ever search Google for restaurants near you and then open up a separate app to order?  Now you can order food for delivery or pickup across Search, Maps, and the Google Assistant apps in thousands of cities across the U.S.. Your search results can also show you restaurants that are available from multiple delivery services.  Just say “Hey Google, order food from (insert restaurant name)”. As the assistant gets to know your favorite meal you order, you will be able to order again by saying, “Reorder food from (insert restaurant name)”.

Running Out of Space on Your Mac?

Are you finding that you are running out of storage space? I use a tool called CleanMyMac X to free up space on my computer when I’m running low. It finds all kinds of junk that builds up in the operating system and keeps me running fast without running a bunch of different utilities to clean things up. It will properly uninstall apps for you too if you haven’t cleaned those up in a while.

US Senate Passes Bill to cut down on robocalling

Check this out. 30% of calls in the US in 2018 were robocalls. In 2019 it’s estimated 44% will be robocalls. The United States Senate voted almost unanimously last week to approve an anti-robocalling bill that would cut down on the number of illegal robocalls that people receive. Apparently our lawmakers are just as sick of those spam calls as we are :)

New 4K 23.7-inch LG UltraFine Display

Apple this week began stocking a new 4K 23.7-inch LG UltraFine Display, which replaces the original 21.5-inch 4K LG UltraFine Display that was pulled from retail stores and the online Apple Store earlier this year. I love the resolution in the previous monitors so I’m sure this one is going to be incredible. It has built in speakers but no webcam. That’s fine because the ones built in previously were not great either. You can still find other monitors for cheaper, but this one will likely look WAY better given their history.

Gemini Photos App

Feeling overwhelmed with your photos on your iPhone?  The Gemini Photos App may be for you. It is a tool that helps you tackle the mess in your iPhone photo libraries.  It was featured as Apple’s App of the day recently. Some of the features include, checking for similar photos or duplicates, an option to remove blurry photos, and pick out clutter shots like screenshots you may have saved accidentally.

Verizon JustKids Plan + A Quick Trick to Turn Your iPhone Into a Magnifying Glass

Verizon JustKids Plan

Early last month Verizon released a new postpaid plan specifically designed for kids called “justkids”.  It’s cheaper, has parental controls built in, and can be limited to how many people they can call and text etc. Check out more details here if you would like to see plan comparisons and more details about the justkids plan.


Losing sleep due to snoring?  You’ve got to check out SnoreLab! Download it onto your iPhone and it will track and record snoring.  It will show you how loud you are snoring and for how long, and will give you ideas to help reduce your snoring. It turns out there are TONS of different products to help with snoring. Of course all of them will tell you theirs is the most effective, but people snore for different reasons, so that product may or may not help. If you’re serious about improving your sleep, try out different products and record them with SnoreLab so you can see what’s effective for you.

iTunes built into TVs

Earlier this year, Samsung announced that its smart TVs will include direct support for Apple’s iTunes movies and TV shows, without needing an Apple TV streamer. They are also going to support Airplay so if you’re playing music on your phone and want to stream it to your TV with an awesome sound system, you’re only a couple taps away. Keep an eye on Samsung if you’re looking for a new TV.

A Quick Trick to Turn Your iPhone into a Magnifying Glass

Did you know you can turn your iPhone into a magnifying glass?  Just add the Magnifier button to Control Center in Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls. Then swipe up from the bottom of the screen (or down from the battery meter on models without a home button). The special camera viewfinder is zoomed automatically, but you can change the zoom level with the slider, tap the flash icon to turn on the LED light, enable a filter to change the color or contrast, or lock the focus by tapping the lock icon. You can also freeze the image by tapping the white shutter button, which is great for grabbing a picture of a tiny serial number on the back of some device (tap that button again to resume using Magnifier). To leave Magnifier, press the Home button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen.  Pretty sweet huh?

Clean Up Old Tabs in Safari in iOS with This Quick Trick

Did you know that every time you tap a link to open a Web page in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, it automatically opens a new tab?  To close all your old tabs in one fell swoop, press and hold on the tab button, then tap Close All X Tabs in the popover that appears.

Cleaning these up won’t make your device run any faster, but if you dislike clutter and you’re finding it difficult to locate the things that are useful to you, this could be easier than closing all of them one-by-one.

Can’t Remember When Your Warranty Expires? iOS 12.2 Lays It Out

Go to Settings > General > About, where you’ll find a new entry that’s either called Limited Warranty (the basic Apple warranty) or AppleCare+ (the extended warranty and insurance you can buy). The entry shows the expiration date, and tapping it provides more details on the Coverage screen. If your iPhone or iPad doesn’t have AppleCare+ but is eligible for it (within 60 days of purchase), you can even buy it from this screen. You won’t see anything if your device is out of warranty and no longer eligible for AppleCare+.

Unfortunately it’s not quite as easy to check the warranty on your Mac, though it is hoped that they will add a similar feature to a future update. In the meantime, you can check your Mac’s warranty by visiting and entering your serial number, which can be found in the menu > About This Mac.

AMBER and Other Emergency Alerts on Your iPhone?

Have you ever gotten an emergency alert on your iPhone, telling you about a public safety emergency? That’s the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system, at least in the United States.

This system replaces the Emergency Broadcast System that has been in use for years. I’m sure you remember the tests on your television with the colored bars and the long beep. But since few people watch television anymore, a new way was created to alert people in case of emergency.

Unfortunately, the alerts aren’t always helpful or well targeted. Worse, they break through the Do Not Disturb cone of silence, and there’s no way to change their tones. Fortunately, if you’re in an important meeting when one of these go off, you likely aren’t going to be the only one getting them.

In iOS 12 in the US, you’ll see three categories of government alerts at the bottom of Settings > Notifications: AMBER Alerts, Emergency Alerts, and Public Safety Alerts.

In most countries, Apple lets you turn off all three categories, but you will still receive so-called “Presidential Alerts,” which are meant to reach everyone in the country during a national emergency.

What Is 5G and When Can You Expect to See It Go Live? + Aperture Going Away for Good

What is 5G and when can you expect to see it go live?

As cellular data evolves, we are getting closer to having 5th generation or 5G service soon.

With the first-phase release of 5G's specifications scheduled to be completed sometime in 2019, and a second-phase release to complete at some point in 2020, we can expect to see this increase start to change (yet again) our hardware for wireless.  While the carriers are building up the hype for 5G, it will be quite some time before it becomes a meaningful thing to consumers. Sprint has expressed it will start launching its 5G service in a small number of cities in May, Verizon has named more cities it will be bringing 5G to by the end of 2019, and AT&T insists it will be able to nationally roll out 5G by early 2020.

The question we should be asking though is do we want 5G? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? I’m not talking about the cost of our wallets, but our health. Finland has been at the forefront of the development and testing of 5G technology. Citizens have been protesting in Finland because of the increased radiation disrupting cells in the human body. Start looking up 5G affects in cities and plant life. Where 5G towers are built around trees, they wither and die. We’re talking about microwave radiation that’s not compatible with biology for faster wifi to keep us glued to our devices and more connected when we really need to disconnect and get perspective. If you haven’t read Digital Minimalism yet, here’s another plea to read it!

End of soapbox rant :)

Where can you use Apple Pay?

When Apple Pay first launched, there were very few stores who were equipped to take that as a method of payment.  Now it is almost everywhere. With this list ever-growing it is becoming easier and easier to not have to pull out a card when making purchases.  Take a look at the most recent list of locations that take Apple Pay.

And if you haven’t set up Apple Pay, you should! It’s totally saved my bacon a few times when I’ve forgotten my wallet. Plus, it’s less to do in the checkout process.

Looking for new lenses for your iPhone?

With iPhone cameras getting better and better, several companies have created lenses that will turn your pictures from great to amazing.  Take a look at these from Sandmarc if you want to get fancy with your photos on your iPhone. While these look really great, compare to Moment Lenses. Each have their pros and cons. What piqued my interest with Sandmarc is the ability to screw on filters.

iPad Pro USB-C Hub

If you are looking for a Hub for your iPad Pro, take a look at the Sanho HyperDrive.  It comes in both Silver and Space Gray and will give you an HDMI port that supports up to a 4K display, an SD card reader, a 3.5mm audio jack, as well as USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A and Type-C ports.

Aperture going away for good

With the next major macOS update potentially coming out this fall, you can expect to see Aperture to go away for good.  You can move everything into macOS Photos app or Adobe Lightroom Classic.  Apple is also warning people now to convert older iMovie, Final Cut, and Motion files if they want that media to remain useable as well.  Some big changes coming this fall for sure! Be sure to reach out if you have a big library and need some help!

Upcoming Apple TV+ shows we can expect to see

Apple talked about a lot of upcoming exclusive content coming to Apple TV+ during their last keynote.  I came across this recent article that goes more in depth about what we can expect to see this fall.

Super Slim Battery Case for iPhone + My Review on Time Flip Magnet

Super Slim Battery Case for iPhone

Finally!  A battery case that doesn’t look or feel like a battery case! I love this. Instead of adding another battery, it has tech that keeps your phone cool. Why does that matter? When your phone gets hot, it takes up more energy. People are getting up to 20% longer battery life just by using this case. It fully supports wireless charging and is available for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X, XS models. Find it here.

Netflix rolls out high quality audio for Apple TV owners with Surround Sound

Netflix has teamed up to make sure that your listening experience is the best ever.  They have upgraded their audio streaming technology to adjust based on the speed of your internet connection. You can read more about it here on The Verge and watch a short video explaining the process.

Powerbeats Pro Launch May 10

If you like to use headphones while working out or doing anything active and the Airpods just don’t cut it, check this out. Apple finally has a launch date of Friday, May 10 for Powerbeats Pro.  Preorders started May 3 so if you do not want to wait until Friday to order these click here now!

Is Touch ID coming back?

Rumor has it that Apple may come back to touch id but a full-screen version this time.  Face ID still has some flaws that Touch ID continues to be better at, such as unlocking the iPhone without looking at it.  Take a look at this article if you want to see the nitty gritty of details. But stay tuned for the next iPhone to see what Apple decides to do.  How do you like to unlock your phone?

Review on Time Flip Magnet

Time Flip is one of the coolest ideas I’ve come across for a smart device. I just want one that works. I bought it, set it up, and it just didn’t work as advertised.  I hope they have gone back to the drawing board to create something in the future that will work because it is a pretty amazing idea! I’d love to be able to drop this in my bag and bring it with me to the office and flip it depending on the tasks I’m working on.

I’m going to keep my eye on this company and will let you know if I come across anything great. By-the-way, if you ever come across something cool and helpful, drop us a line! We know about a lot, but not everything!

G-Tech SSD

With the prices of SSDs going down we’re finding more and more great products that are affordable. Check out this new drive from G-Technology. It’s a 1TB external drive that’s about 15x faster than your typical cheap external you’d get from Best Buy. It’s water and dust resistant, can handle drops up to 9 feet, and crush proof up to 1,000lbs. I would compare this to the Samsung T5. The T5 is just as fast and about the same size but wasn’t built to be “rugged”. You’ll find the T5 comes in about about $170 for 1TB and the G-Drive at $210 as of May 2019.

The iPad 2 is now considered obsolete

The last device that Steve Jobs launched at an Apple event, the iPad 2, is now considered obsolete.  This is no surprise as it is now 8 years old. Pretty crazy to think how far we have come with the iPad since it was first launched. RIP Steve.

Save 20% on a Session with Me in May + Apple Pencil vs Logitech Crayon for iPad Pro

Read Digital Minimalism and Save 20% on a Session with Me in May

I’ve always been a digital minimalist, but Digital Minimalism author, Cal Newport, takes things to the next level and I’m totally inspired right now! It aligns perfectly with the mission of The Digital Organizer.

Last year I rebranded to The Digital Organizer from Lemon Consulting because I wanted to laser focus into the most important work I do. I was “The Apple Guy” for a long time. Many people found me at a point where things were so broken they just couldn’t take it anymore. I patched them up and sent them on their way and they referred me to their friends. People saw the value of having their stuff working and in sync, but were fine with that and didn’t want to take it a step further. Frankly, I didn’t know how to frame the organization part properly. Now I know better and I’m going to be talking about it a lot more.

The most valuable thing we do at The Digital Organizer is removing demands for your attention from your life. The thousands of unread emails, being bombarded with text messages, notifications, clutter, frustration that things aren’t syncing, not being able to remember a password, spending 20 min tracking down your damn logo…. This stuff is really, really draining. You’re living with it now and you’re still here, so it’s not the end of the world. But if you get intentional about how you use technology, it WILL change your life.

When we take it to the next level and start to organize your files through a system I’ve designed, work gets less tedious and a whole lot more fun. Ideas start flowing again, you start thinking about doing things differently than you used to because the overwhelm is receding. It’s pretty exciting!

So back to Digital Minimalism. I want to start taking my digital organization to the next level and incorporate some of the specific things suggested in this book. If you’re willing to start the journey and get serious leverage for change in your life, I want to give you 20% off a session with me in May to help give you a massive head start. Reserve your spot here and put in the notes Digital Minimalism. My schedule books up pretty fast, so don’t wait to book a session. Do it now and go buy Digital Minimalism

How to recycle, resell and buy used electronics

With the passing of Earth Day last week, there have been several questions around how to recycle electronics properly.  I came across this really cool article from NBC laying out the best way to recycle, resell and buy used electronics. They even have links to some of the many retailers who sell refurbished items.  I typically recycle Apple products through the Apple Store website and tend to get the best price there. Apple also recycles non-Apple tech for free. Check it out!

Apple has a voluntary recall of the three-prong AC wall plug adapters

If you have purchased an Apple World Travel Adapter Kit and plan on traveling, you will want to check out this recent voluntary recall of the three-prong AC adapter.  The one affected is primarily used in The United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  Apple is replacing the adapter free of charge.  You can start the process here.

Save up to $300 on Apple's latest 13-inch MacBook Pro and 15-inch MacBook Pro on top of recent price drops

Several of you have asked me where to get a good deal on a new Mac.  You should take a look at Adorama and right now. AppleInsider has a code to save even more!  Take a look at the deals and discount code here.

Apple's new 2019 AirPods drop to a record low $139, plus $10 off the Wireless Charging Case

Have you been waiting for a discount on Apple AirPods?  Amazon is stepping up their game with a nice discount off the previous generation Apple AirPods. There is even a $10 discount on the new Wireless Charging Case.

Apple Pencil vs Logitech Crayon for iPad Pro

With Apple’s recently released iOS 12.2, Logitech's Crayon works with more of Apple's iPad Pro lineup.  Take a look at this pretty cool comparison of the Crayon vs Apple Pencil. I think it is sweet that Apple is supporting a cheaper option for a writing tool on the iPad Pro.

Spark for Android!

The beginning of this month, Spark announced they are now available for Android devices too!  So if you are not on the iPhone platform but want to use one of the best email clients on the planet, then check out Spark for Android now!

A Battery to Charge Your MacBook Pro + Emergency Bypass so You’ll Never Miss a Call or Text

Want a Battery to Charge Your MacBook Pro?

Or for that matter, any of your devices? Check out the Jackery Supercharge Portable Charger. It’s got a ton of juice to power all your stuff, including your laptop (USB C models only).

Tell Siri to Ping Your Phone from your Mac

Did you know if you have macOS Mojave, you can click the Siri button at the top right corner of your screen and tell it to “ping your iPhone”? No need to find an iPad or have your significant other pull out Find My iPhone. Just tell Siri on your Mac and she’ll do it for you :)

Locked out of your iOS device due to too many wrong password attempts?

If you have ever been locked out of your iOS device due to too many wrong password attempts, all you need to do is put the device in recovery mode and start over.  Just make sure you are backing up your device regularly so you can restore your data if this happens. Check out this article with step by step instructions on how to put your device in recovery mode.  Hopefully this won’t happen to you!

Use Emergency Bypass and You’ll Never Miss a Call or Text from Important People

The main reason people don’t use Do Not Disturb is they’re worried about emergency phone calls or texts. With this new tip, you no longer have an excuse! Emergency Bypass is a feature you can enable for specific contacts so that no matter what if your phone is powered on, the call or text is coming through. Here’s a clip of how to enable it. If you use this, remember to turn on Airplane Mode or power your phone off when you’re in meetings or church and you don’t want those alerts coming through.

Nomad AirPod Rugged Case - $30

With AirPods being so popular it is hard to distinguish whose are whose sometimes.  I recently came across the Nomad AirPod Rugged Case. They come in three colors of leather that should age great over time.

Seven Useful Tips Every Apple Watch Owner Should Know

If you have an Apple Watch, you will want to check out these seven tips that you may or may not know about.  Did you know you can use your Apple Watch as a TV Remote?  Check out how here!

The Coolest Smart Lamp Ever + AirPods Alternative

IKEA and Sonos introduce Wi-Fi speakers, including one that is a lamp

I’m so stoked on these! Ikea and Sonos teamed up to create a speaker lamp and bookshelf. I have a real thing for items that serve more than one purpose, and I think these things look so cool.  Both products will come in black and white color options. The bookshelf speaker will be $99 and the table lamp will go for $179.  There is still no launch date for these but it is hinted at this August. What do you think?


Looking for a new secure email provider?  I recently came across ProtonMail. It is an encrypted email service based in Switzerland.  Their goal is to build an internet that respects privacy and is secure against cyberattacks.  With End-to-end encryption, no one but the intended recipient can read the message.

Apple’s Airpower Cancelled

It was a sad day when Apple announced that they were canceling the Air Power mat due to not being able to meet their quality standards. I’m curious if Apple will revisit the Air Power mat in the future, but for now you can check out this option from Belkin.

Powerbeats Pro - $249.95

For those of you who don’t really like the AirPods because they fall out of your ears, Apple has announced the new Powerbeats Pro available this May.  They have adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks and are sweat resistant with 9 hours of listening time. Check out the promo video and specs on Apple’s website here. Did I mention they will come in 4 different colors?

Apps Not Optimized for your Mac

Some of you may start to see a dialog pop-up that says, “App Not Optimized for your Mac”.  Here is a lengthy article that goes into more detail. The short version is that some Apps have not been updated yet to Apple’s current platform and it is warning you that it is not using that platform.  There is nothing wrong with it, but if not upgraded, it could potentially be an app you will not be able to use after the next OS upgrade this fall.

Safari’s Link Preview

Check this out! Next time you’re in Safari on your iPhone, find a link you’re interested in. Press hard on the link, then let up on the pressure and just leave your thumb resting on the glass. What happens is a preview of the article (or whatever you pressed on) appears. You can drag your thumb out of the way, but leave it on the glass if you still want to see what’s on that page. Release your thumb and the page goes away. Press hard again and it takes you to that page instead of just previewing it.