Moving Back to Nashville!

Our Airstream Days are Coming to an End

Great news for you local Nashville clients! Next week, we're moving back to Nashville! After long deliberation, Madeline and I have decided to put the Airstream up for sale. We built a page for her at if you’re interested.

Traveling around the US has been one incredible adventure! We’ll treasure these memories for the rest of our lives and hope to do it again at another point in our lives. For now though, it’s time for some stability, spending time with family, and continuing to build The Digital Organizer.

To all my clients who’ve continued to work with me remotely on the road, I can’t thank you enough! We’ll certainly keep traveling and working remotely in different ways, just much more grounded for now. Mention this newsletter for 15% off your next June appointment with me as my thank you.


New Apple Stuff Coming June 4

Apple has a conference every year called the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC). They usually do announcements of upcoming software and features as well as a few token products. You can watch the Keynote on Apple's homepage at 10am PDT on June 4. Put it in your calendar now!

Wondering What GDPR is All About?

If you've been getting TONS of emails this past week about "Updated to Our Privacy Policy" you may be curious what they're about and what the heck GDPR is. I found a great video that helps explain what it is very simply. Watch it here.

Spark 2 Offers Awesome New Features for Teams

If you saw my Battle of the Apps episode featuring email apps for the Mac on Facebook Live a while back, you’ll know my winner was Spark. It’s an incredible email app with a ton of USEFUL features that make email a joy to work in again. Spark just took it to the next level with Spark 2. The big thing they added I want to highlight is their Team functionality. By inviting members of your team to join your Spark Team, you can collaborate on emails, chat about them with colleagues *without creating new emails*, and even send a link to an email or email thread to someone. That last one I didn’t understand at first, but imagine you’re working in Slack and needing to handle a specific issue that comes up. You want to hear from the rest of the team what they think and give input. Instead of trying to copy all the text in the email thread, you can copy a link to that conversation and paste it in Slack, or on a website, or email it to someone. That conversation pops up in a web browser and they can see the whole thing. Pretty neat huh? If you don’t already have Spark you can download it from the App Store on you Mac and on iOS devices.


Perfect Phone Precursor for Kids

Relay is a sweet little device for communicating with kids, the elderly, or if you just don’t want to bring your phone with you when on an adventure. It’s basically a push button walkie talkie that works over WiFi and cellular. You push the button and it leaves a message to whoever you’ve connected the device with. This would be for parents wanting to keep track of their kids and give them a way to communicate with you without giving them a screen. Or the elderly that don’t want to mess with a phone. Or if you’re kayaking or hiking and the thought of bringing your phone ruins the experience, you can bring this for emergencies! For $99 it’s certainly cheaper than having to deal with a soaked or lost iPhone.

1Password 7

My other favorite app, 1Password just released version 7. It’s got a handful of new features and a new look. This isn’t a normal update that would push out automatically from the Mac App Store. To make it easy for you, just click this link and it’ll take you straight there. Luckily your iOS app has probably already updated. Not sure why it’s a separate app in the Mac App Store...

If you haven't set up 1Password on your Mac yet, this is the absolute most important app recommendation I could give. It's imperative to have something like this in order to store your passwords securely (and BONUS, it means you don't have to remember them anymore!). Set up a free 15 minute consultation with me to learn more.

Integrating 1Password into iOS

Most people who are using 1Password have the app on their iOS devices. This is a no brainer. What most of my clients don’t realize is that you can integrate 1Password into Safari. Check out the screenshot. Now, yours probably doesn’t look like that screenshot, yet… Go to Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Click the share button on the bottom (the square with an arrow pointing up.) On the second row, scroll to the right and click the More button. Drag the 1Password item to the top and toggle the switch on. You’re all set!

When Avoiding Paying for Something Costs You

When Avoiding Paying for Something Costs You

In last week’s episode of The Digital Sanity Show I talked about saving time and money with subscriptions. We started out with how you can potentially save hundreds of dollars a month by cancelling or modifying your subscriptions and how to do it.

After that, I dove into a trend I’ve been seeing with my clients— people not wanting to pay for an app. So many people are outright rejecting the idea of paying for a valuable service that would save them time and money, just because it’s one more thing they have to pay for every month. I want to challenge you to take a look at your subscriptions and see what you can pull back from and save you a bit of money, but then think of what you may have been avoiding paying for that would actually benefit you. Maybe it’s a smart thermostat that will save you money each month on your power bill. Or maybe you’re paying $10/month for your HTML signature to be hosted online when you can spend $5-$20 one time to have someone make it for you and you don’t have to pay for hosting at all.

Classic iPhone X Case.jpg

Old School iPhone Case

If you’ve been using Apple products for a long time, you remember the original iMac. It was the first big product Steve Jobs pushed out after being rehired and put Apple back on the map after their near collapse. Celebrating the 20 year iMac anniversary, Spigen Design created this iPhone case harkening back to the original iMac and the first iPhone. Check it out here.

WiFi Passcode.jpeg

Find WiFi Passwords in Keychain

We’ve all been asked what the passcode is for a WiFi network and drawn a complete blank. Well here’s how you can find it quickly! Just click on Spotlight on your Mac (it’s the little magnifying glass at the top right of your display.) Type the word Keychain and hit the Return key (Enter.) Type the name of the network in the search bar at the top right. Double click on the item and click the checkbox to Show Password. It will ask you for your login password. Enter that and it will show you the WiFi passcode!

Get your Groceries Delivered in Just 1 Hour with Instacart

Instacart is a grocery delivery service. They’re hooked up with most of the grocery stores in major areas and will snag all of the food on your list and deliver it to you in about an hour. Until May 23rd, the delivery fee on orders over $35 that are paid with Apple Pay will be waived. We’ve been ordering our groceries from Ralphs and we just have to go pick them up. Unfortunately we can’t get everything from one place so we end up running to at least one other store. I’m going to have to try this out and see how it goes. I’ve heard great things and the reviews on the App Store are promising. Be aware, there may be a markup on some of the items. If you’re short on time though, a little markup is worth it, don’t you think?

iPhone Sanitizer.jpg

Sanitize Your iPhone

Wanna know something gross? Your phone is 18x dirtier and contains more harmful bacteria than a public toilet. Yeah, you read that right. We wash our hands but we never wash our phones and we forget whatever our hands touch we pass on to our phones which are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. We store our phones in warm places and help the bacteria grow and then transfer that bacteria to anything we touch like food, our skin or anyone we come in contact with. Check out this iPhone charging case and sanitizer. It looks like a tanning bed for your phone. I imagine if you put it in your kitchen it would be a great conversation starter ;) If you want something a little more low tech, maybe consider just wiping your phone down regularly with some alcohol wipes. Keep in mind 70% Isopropyl  alcohol will leave streaks. Use 99% IPA or snag these Zeiss lens cleaning wipes. ;) 

Share Password iOS 11.jpg

How to Share WiFi Password in iOS 11

While finding passwords in Keychain is easy, often we can share passwords right in iOS! If your iPhone is connected to the wireless network your friend is trying to join, and you’re both on at least iOS 11, you may get a popup on your phone to share the passcode with someone else. Pretty slick huh? Nobody has to enter in the password, once you hit share you’re good to go.

Broken Games in Google Chrome

A recent update to Chrome broke a bunch of online game’s audio. It’s not just you. They’re trying to fix it, but the fix has been delayed. You may want to try a different browser in the meantime.

Things You Never Knew you Needed

Stop Wasting Time On Projects You’re Not Good At

I had a client this week ask me about HTML signatures.  He’d spent way too much time trying to figure out how to make a custom email signature. I don’t do HTML or web related things. It drives me crazy. So I sent him to the person I used on Fivrr who made my email signature in a day for like $20. I bought the premium package just in case.

It made me think, though. How many things am I doing I have no business trying to take care of? I offload a lot, but there’s still so much more that takes me a ton of time that someone else can do as easily as breathing.

Is there something you can think of that you haven’t been able to accomplish but have already spent a ton of time on? If so, what resources do you have to offload that task and is it worth the $$. For $20 I can avoid hours of research. I came across a service that can do random tasks for you and bill you by the minute to do it. It’s called FIN. I haven’t tried it yet, but wanted to show you some options out there. So take a minute, think of what you haven’t made progress on and call someone who can help today!


Power Cable Reel

If you don’t like wrapping up your power cable, check out this thing called Fuse Reel. You can even use it to wrap up the Apple Extension Cable along with the cable that connects to your computer. That explains the little extra bulk compared with the Cablewings I showed you last time. BTW, Apple charges $20 for that extension cable, but you can snag 2 of them from Amazon for $15 here.


Support the Secure Data Act

3 Congress members from each side of the aisle have come together to create the Secure Data act of 2018. This would prohibit any government agency from forcing companies to create backdoors or security vulnerabilities into their software and electronics. Would you please fill out this form that will automatically send a letter to your representative to ask them to support this bill and keep our devices secure?

The Feature No One is Using But Everybody Needs

Apple built a tool into the operating system called Markup and almost no one is using it. It started with Preview. Preview is the app that opens up PDFs and images on your computer (excluding the Photos app.) If you double click on a JPEG or PDF that’s on your Desktop, Preview opens it. In the toolbar just left of the search box there’s a marker tip (depending on the operating system this may be a toolbox.) Click on it and you’ll get all kinds of tools. You can add text to the photo, a signature, you can draw with your mouse or add a shapes like what I added on this photo. What most people don’t know though is that Markup can be used in all kinds of apps! You can use it in Photos. People ask me all the time if they can write on their photos in the Photos app. You can! When you attach a photo or PDF to an email, hover your mouse over the item. You’ll see an arrow appear on the top right corner, click on it and click Markup. Pretty sweet, huh?


Annoyed You Can’t Save to a Specific Folder?

This one eluded me for years! I would get so frustrated I couldn’t always save a document to a specific folder. Sometimes it would let me and sometimes not. When I finally figured it out it was so simple! I just never put two and two together. So here’s the trick: Look for that little arrow to the right of where you’re typing in the name of the file. Here’s a video to show you the difference. 



Groovebook is a website a client told me about earlier last week. It’s an app you can load onto your iPhone and for $4/month, they’ll mail you a physical photo book with a collection of your photos from the last month. You get to pick which pictures are in them so you don’t have to worry about a screenshot of something you saw on Facebook doesn’t show up in your book ;) This is a great thing for Mom’s and Grandmother’s, am I right?!

The Best Scanning App

I used to think Genius Scan was the best iPhone scanner out there. If you missed my last Facebook live, check it out here. I dived into my paperless strategy, gear guide for printers and scanners and demo Evernote Scannable. Evernote Scannable blows away every other scanning app for iPhone I’ve ever tried. I highly encourage you to download this free app to start scanning your documents. I’ll bet you’ll even ditch your physical scanner for most jobs from here on out. There was a ton of great stuff in that Facebook live so go check it out!

Let's Talk About Security

Government Trying to Put Security Backdoors in iPhones

The FBI and other government agencies are making another push to get Apple and other tech manufacturers to create security backdoors in their devices for police to get in. You probably remember the FBI suing Apple a while back over not creating this while investigating a terrorist attack. (Join the conversation on Facebook.)

While it would be great to aid in crime investigations, a backdoor for the good guys is a backdoor for the bad guys. Encryption is there for a reason. It keeps sensitive data out of the hands of people that shouldn’t have it. Sure, terrorists are using this for their own benefit, but so are we. Some people want to have a private conversation about their spiritual life in a country that murders Christians. Encryption protects that. Some people take selfies they don’t want anyone else to see. Some people text their spouse the password to their Netflix account that just so happens to be the same password as their email and online banking. Encryption protects our information.

Even though you may feel you have nothing to hide, you have something extremely important to protect. Your identity. Ask anyone who’s had their identity stolen what their experience has been so far. I say so far because once it happens, the people who did it will try and exploit your over and over again. Our technology has just about everything someone needs to steal your identity. We need to protect it. Encryption and strong passwords are they key to that. We potentially compromise everyone to make investigations easier. And that’s not even getting into conspiracy theories.

These are just my opinions. I'd love to hear yours. Join the conversation on Facebook here.

Reopen Last Closed Windows.png

Reopen Last Closed Windows

We’ve all done it. You’ve got a bunch of tabs open in Safari and for some reason you close the window and lose everything. Maybe you only meant to close that one tab, or you just weren’t thinking. Don’t worry, there’s a way to pull it all back up in two clicks! Just click on the History button in your Menu Bar and click Reopen All Windows from Last Session.

USB-C for iMac.jpg

Extra Ports for the New iMac

If you’re missing some ports on your new iMac, check out this USB-C adapter from Satechi. It’s got normal USB ports and USB-C port and an SD card adapter.

Get Your Mom a Gift She Can Really Use

Mother's Day is this Sunday and if you're like most people, you're probably wracking your brain trying to think of what to get your mom. You could go the traditional route and get your mom yet another scented candle or flowers, but what if you got her something that would not only be meaningful, but also useful? For this week only, I'm offering 1.5 hours for the price of one—just for moms! I'm also throwing in my mini-course—Making Memories: A 3 Part Video Series for Making Photo Albums, Cards, and Calendars for free! Get more info and purchase here.


What if Your Computer Gets Stolen

Did you know Apple has built in encryption available for your Mac? If you go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > FileVault, you can enable FileVault. This may restart your computer depending on the operating system you have installed. This makes sure that if someone steals your computer, they can’t get access to your files. If I stole your computer and it didn’t have FileVault enabled, I could just reset your password and get access to everything. With FileVault enabled the only thing I could do is erase the computer and set it up fresh. If you want to take this a bit further, you can enable a Firmware Password. This means that without this special password someone won’t even be able to replace the hard drive to get it working. It’s only good for parts. Talk about a screw-you to the thief :) Just don’t forget your password with this stuff enabled!

Google Advanced Protection 2.png

Google Advanced Protection

For those of you who want the ultimate protection for your Google accounts, check out Google’s Advanced Protection Program. This goes beyond 2-Step verification for your account and requires you to use a physical USB key to unlock your account on a computer and disables other services so third party apps cannot access your account. This is aimed at journalists, activists, public figures etc. Those at highest risk of targeted attacks. I was just talking about a public figure who had their account hacked and it cost her over $250,000 in losses and support in locking everything down. If you think you’re at risk, be sure to check this out. If you’re not using G Suite for your business email, reach out to me to talk about migrating your email over to the best email system available.

Super Powerful Graphics Upgrade

I just came across this device called the eX Core GPU. For those of you who work in the video/graphics realm or just want more horsepower for gaming (and don't want to buy a new computer), this is for you. It’s an external graphics card. You plug the thing in and any video editing, photoshop work, or games will run faster than you thought possible. Check it out here!

Everything You Need to Know This Week

Space Saving Cables

Cablewings are minimalistic cable holders which form a seamless unit with the chargers of Apple MacBooks, iPads and iPhones. They are also suitable for numerous other models. This space-saving solution eliminates cable clutter created during transport or storage of the charger and prevents damage to the cable.

The special thing about the discreet cablewings is that the cables can be rolled up in two simple and intuitive ways.

The cable attached elegantly along the length of the charger consumes minimal space in the bag. On the other hand, if the cable is conveniently rolled up over the broadside of the charger, the notebook, tablet or smartphone can be charged, even if the cable was only partially unrolled.

save ig fb.png

Downloading Social Media Content

Think for a second about how much you’ve posted on Facebook and/or Instagram over the years. To lose all of that content would be heartbreaking, so I wanted to share exactly how to download your content for safekeeping. You may also find this information helpful if you ever decide to delete either account. Click here for instructions for Facebook and here for Instagram.


Apple Discontinues Airport Routers

The last time Apple updated their routers was 2013. At the time they were incredible. Now, they pretty much suck compared to the newest stuff out there. If you’re looking for an alternative, I would highly recommend Amplifi HD. Everyone I’ve installed this for has been really happy with the results and the setup is really easy. Comparable systems would be the Eero or Netgear Orbi.

Passwords for Teams

Calling all business leaders! On this week's episode of The Digital Sanity Show I'll be sharing how I set up passwords for teams. After years of trial and error, I have come up with a pretty close to perfect system that my clients are loving for their teams. I don’t know anyone else who has done it this way.

If you’re growing a team of 2 or more people (I’ve used this system for teams up to 40 people), you must watch this. It’ll make your life so much easier and your business much more secure. Click here for a reminder on Facebook when I go live.


Cleaning Up Your Workspace

If you have an iMac or an Apple Display, you should check out the BackPack. This is a little shelf that can be used to store things like external hard drives behind your iMac without cluttering up your desk space. It can also be used for a keyboard shelf right below the display.

New MacBook Air Delayed

If you’ve been holding out for a new MacBook Air model, you’re going to have a wait a bit longer. Apparently Apple informed their supply chain they would be deferring production from the second quarter of this year, to the second half. That’s pretty vague, but all we know right now.

Resizing Made Easy

Did you know that you can resize an image by holding down the Option key? When you’re resizing the height or width, the Option key will make both sides bigger or smaller. If you drag a corner it resizes all the sides in at once. If you hold Shift + Option it will resize at the same proportion. Watch the video above to see how.

Ebay iOS.jpg

List on Ebay in Seconds

Been thinking of listing something on Ebay? It’s kind of a pain right? Not anymore if you’ve got the barcode of what you’re trying to sell. You can just scan the barcode and in about 10 seconds the listing will be populated with all the details of the product. You can add some extra info about the product if you want and list! Just download the Ebay app from the App Store and sign in.

How to Regain Control of Notifications, Parental Controls and More

Summer is Almost Here!

I’ve been thinking about camera gear lately and what it would take to get a good GoPro setup for different activities. This search led me to where I found a list of some really great accessories for the GoPro. For example, if you’re going snorkeling, you’ll want a red filter so the color your video looks normal. I’d hate for you to take a bunch of footage just to find the color is jacked up and you have to edit everything. You can pick up a GoPro pretty cheap these days to take on a trip and let the kids go nuts. Or you can! Who wants a video editing tutorial?!

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 1.17.18 PM.png

Verizon Smart Family Parental Controls

Verizon just launched a new parental control subscription to help keep track of your devices, control content, and even limit screen time. There are a number of services out there that do this, but most of them require you to be at home for this to work. With Verizon, it’s doing it all the time. If you’re looking for another service similar to this that also works on the Mac check out Qustodio.


Split the Bill When Ordering Online

If you haven’t checked out Grubhub yet, you should! It’s one stop shopping for many restaurants in your area that don’t have their own delivery service. Now, you can split the bill with friends using their new integration with Venmo. Venmo is a popular app to send money to a friend, and more recently pay for an item in a store. It’s a quick and simple way to pay, and now we can even use it while ordering out with friends.

Notifications Stressing You Out?

Every time you get a notification, you get a little hit of dopamine. No wonder a study by Ford Research found 62% of adults feel better about themselves when they get a positive reaction to something they post on social media. Constant notifications are one of the primary reasons we’re becoming full on technology addicts. Check out last week’s episode of The Digital Sanity Show for a walk through of how to customize notifications on your Mac and iOS devices and reclaim some mental headspace.


Do Not Disturb While Driving

If you didn’t already know this, Apple added a feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving to help reduce iPhone usage while driving. I read an article that said 92% of drivers use their smartphone while driving. Since Apple has released this feature, that has gone down 8%. Improvement, but not great. It turns out over 40% of people don’t know this is available. Now you do! To enable this, go to Settings > Do Not Disturb. Scroll to the bottom and hit the button that says Activate. Change this to Automatic. You might want to check your teenage drivers’ phones as well.

Facebook Isn’t Tapping Your Microphone

I just read this article and watched the video regarding Facebook tapping your phone. It’s a pretty great little video talking about how Facebook does that little trick of showing you an ad of something right after you talked with a friend about it. They have so much data on you already both from online AND offline activities. Facebook knows just about everything you do on your phone or computer. To be fair, so do a lot of companies. Ads power the internet. This is a fact. Do we need to get used to it? I don’t know. What do you think?


Make Phone Calls Without Cell Service

Did you know you can still use your phone to make phone calls without cell service and without any extra apps? There’s a feature on your phone called Wi-Fi Calling that once enabled, as long as you have a wifi connection, your phone will still work. It’s not limited to other cell phones either. To enable this go to Settings > Cellular. Tap Wi-Fi Calling, turn it on. Last week I had to use this while staying at a house that had HORRIBLE cell service. But for some reason it didn’t work perfectly like it normally does. So any other calls I wanted to make when it wasn’t working I used Facetime Audio. Just tap on a contact and look for Facetime. There’s a camera icon and a phone icon. If you tap the phone, it calls their Apple devices using Facetime, just without the video option. This is how I talk to my friends in other countries.

New Gmail Look + News of the Week

Gmail Gets a New Look & Features

Google is rolling out a whole new look for and most would say it’s LONG overdue. While the facelift may be nice, I’m especially interested in the Confidentiality Mode. It will allow you to password protect the email as well as disable the ability to forward, print, copy or download a copy. I’m eager to learn more about this, especially for those of you in real estate and the financial sector.

iPhone 8 RED.png

Product RED iPhone 8

For those of you who like RED products, Apple finally released a Product RED version of the iPhone 8. Get yours here!



Summer is coming up and many of you will be driving somewhere for vacation. The Roadtrippers app is something I suggest you have in your app quiver. It shows you all kinds of stuff to do right where you are, or you can plan a trip and have it show you cool things along the way! I’ve had so many people tell me about this app and how much they love it. Check it out and see for yourself :)

film scanner.jpg

Scan Your 8MM Film with this Film Scanner

Every once in a while I’m asked about scanning film. My usual answer is to send it off to a company to have it scanned professionally. Some people are unwilling to do this. It’s scary to think of that stuff getting lost in the mail or by the company handling it. If you’re looking to scan at home, I just found this sweet little film scanner for your 8MM movies! Check it out! Also, reviews of the product can be found here. It’s not the highest quality in the world, but it can get the job done pretty well!

Battery Extending Case.png

Battery Extending iPhone Case for $35

Most of the battery extending cases out there have batteries in them and add bulk to the device. This case works by keeping your phone cool. A hot battery drains more power. By keeping your phone cooler it’s able to increase your battery life 20% without adding bulk. It’s just like most other cases out there. Check it out here!

Keyboard replacement.jpg

First Gen iPad Keyboard Replacement Program

If you have an iPad Keyboard for the First Generation iPad Pro, you may be able to get a replacement for free. They have extended a repair program for those experiencing issues with sensor and magnetic connector problems, keys sticking, repeating, or being unresponsive, and trouble with data connections. Click this link to start the replacement process if that’s you!

Apple Business Messaging

Last week I talked a bit about Apple Business Messaging. I didn’t realize they already had it in place! Check out this video showing you how it works. Just pull up a business listing using your iPhone (asking Siri is the easiest way) and click on the Message button. That’s it! The messages sync to your computer and everything! I’m excited to see if this catches on! I’d much rather experience customer support this way. What about you?


Check to See if Your Info Was Used by Cambridge Analytica

Facebook released a support page to check to see if your data as used by Cambridge Analytica. You can find that page here. Facebook is slowly starting to let people know by putting it at the top of your newsfeed. If you want to check now though instead of waiting, click the link above!

Apples Steps it Up for Pro Users + Great New Apps

Redesigned Mac Pros Next Year

For those of you who like your super fast computers, Apple told us we’ll see changes/upgrades next year. They don’t normally give updates for things like that, but they haven’t exactly given much confidence to the Pro market out there lately. With Apple’s focus so heavily on consumers, the Pro market has kind of been left high and dry. Some of the executives wanted to let users out there they haven’t forgotten them. They’ve even formed a Pro Workflow Team to work with artists and other pros to make sure they’re in touch with the actual workflows we’re using and not just their ideal all-Apple software setup. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Apple Watch Trade Up.png

Trade-Up Your Apple Watch

Thinking of trading in your Apple Watch for a newer one? Did you know you can trade it in towards the purchase of a new one? Check out the details here!

logitech crayon.jpg

Logitech Crayon

This is a cool new stylus for the iPad. It’s meant to be a cheaper alternative to the Apple Pencil. The big differences between the two are battery life and ability to detect an angle. The battery life of the Pencil is 12 hours, the crayon is 8. The Apple Pencil can detect if you’re holding it at an angle. Very fancy. If you’re an artist you’ll want that. For the rest of us, the Crayon will do just fine. Oh yeah, and it’s half the price :)


Apple Business Chat

It seems Apple is wanting to help take customer service to the next level with their new business chat—and it looks very cool. It's all done through the Messages app and they really emphasizing privacy. If you're a business owner, this could be a really great way to step-up your customer service.

You might be wondering why this is better than other chat services out there. It's true—a lot of websites have a chat window built into their site. The downside with this is sometimes the responses take way too long. Half the time I forget I’m chatting with someone and close the window. Then I’ve got to start all over again. Businesses have also started to use bots on Facebook messenger. But there are so many of us who don’t use Facebook very much and don’t have Messenger on our phones. I for one would love to be able to chat with Delta at my leisure on my phone rather than stay tied to my computer for an hour trying to get answers. Or be waiting for a call back just to have the call drop and go through the whole process again. I’ll be keeping an eye on this for us. It looks promising. If you want all of the details, this article does a great job explaining how it works.


Adult Coloring Book for iOS

Adult coloring books are dominating right now—consistently taking up the majority of the top 10 books overall on Amazon. If you’re into them, try out the free app called Pigment. It's really cool—even better if you have an Apple Pencil or the Logitech Crayon! I kind of wish I had an iPad and Pencil just to play with this :) Alas, too much technology in the Airstream already!


Get 10% Off a New Mac or iPad

Did you know college students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels can get a ~10% education discount on Macs and iPads? You can find out more here or go to an Apple Store with your school ID.


How to Uninstall Apps Properly

Many of my clients have been confused about how to uninstall apps. Let me clear this up for you. Unless the app you want to uninstall has an uninstaller included, you should only have to drag the app you no longer want into the trash. Pretty easy! But some people know that the apps you use tend to save additional files somewhere else on your computer. These people want to clean those up too, but they are hidden. AppCleaner is a free app for your Mac to find all the files related to that app you want to trash and deletes them for you. It’s not a bad little utility to have. I prefer to use something like this. If I didn’t have CleanMyMac 3, I would use AppCleaner to uninstall apps. Enjoy!

Apple Photos vs Google Photos + My New Fav Email App

Apple Photos vs. Google Photos

Last Thursday I did a quick Facebook Live talking about why I use Apple Photos over Google Photos. I think you’ll find it informative if you’ve been thinking of going down that road. If you like what you see there, I’m doing regular Facebook Lives with all kinds of great info, so be sure to click on the three dots in the top right corner of that video to be notified when I go Live.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 7.28.12 PM.png

New 9.7” iPads

Last week Apple had their Education event and released new iPads. The cool thing is you can now use the Apple Pencil with this model, in addition to the iPad Pros. They also got faster processor processors and they’re the same low price of $329.

New MacBook Air?.jpg

New MacBook Air?

WWDC (WorldWide Developers Conference) is June 4th. That’s typically when some of the big announcements are made. We’re likely to see a new Macbook Air then. Maybe some other refreshes, but a new MacBook Air would be the star of the show.


New Favorite Email App

Spark is my new favorite email app. I’m really starting to fall in love with this thing. Over the years I’ve briefly tried many different email apps, none of them really got me excited. I thought I would try a few out again recently and Spark has really grabbed my attention. It’s clean, fast, and has great sets of keyboard shortcuts. You can easily customize the set of shortcuts, or just choose a premade set. I’m using the Gmail shortcuts: C for Compose a new message, R to reply, Command + Return to send, E to Archive. It’s fast and natural. The downside is they don’t have a good option to add contact information to the Contacts app. I can deal with that though. Especially for a free app. :)


iOS 11.3 Update Has Battery Health Info

Apple just released their latest update for iOS devices. Included in that update is the ability to see your battery’s current condition and the option to turn battery performance manager off that will slow your device down. There are a ton more features, you can see a full list here if you’re that nerdy 🤓

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Mac Accessories Now Available in Space Gray

If you’re tired of silver and have wanted another option for your keyboard and mouse, Apple has finally given it to us. And they look slick! BTW, if you haven’t seen this yet, they now have a Bluetooth version of the keyboard with number pad! It’s crazy to me it too them this long to make that happen, but it’s here now!


Share Reminders Lists

What I love about the Reminders app is how fast it opens and I can share a list so easily. One frustrating situation Madeline and I have been in is texting one another something to snag from the grocery store. Then we send another item to add to that list, then have a comment about something else. This is a clear recipe for something to be forgotten. The last time this happened I made the list in Reminders, sent her an invite and I could add items to the list without them getting lost. We do the same thing for checklists we make before we leave a destination we’ve been posted up at a lot. Try it out!


Facebook “Privacy” + Fitness Gear + Photo Rehab

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How Facebook Exploits Your Info

When you log into an app with your Facebook account, that company gets to see all of the data Facebook has collected from you. A couple years ago they had even worse privacy policies and those companies got to see all your friends’ personal information. If you haven’t heard about the Cambridge Analytica controversy, here’s an article telling you everything you need to know about it. By getting 270,000 people to use an app, the company that created it was able to harvest information from over 50 million Facebook users. Allegedly they sold that information to Cambridge Analytica who used it to serve customers looking to get an edge in politics.

I tell you this so you realize what you’re doing when you choose to use the Login with Facebook feature on websites and apps. You’re not just giving them your email address, you’re giving that company everything you’ve ever put on Facebook. That’s quite a prize to a marketer. All that information is supposed to be anonymized if sold to a third party. Or at least that’s how it used to be. I expect Facebook has changed those policies since my app developer friend explained how his company made millions off a free app. They sold our Facebook demographic data to companies like Nike so they could effectively target people likely to buy a specific model shoe. It’s more than your demographic data though, it’s what you post about. What pages and products you’ve like, what your friends like, what you’re talking about on Facebook.

If it was only to serve up better ads for shoes I’d actually like, that’s no big deal. And it serves me. But personal data can be used for all kinds of reasons. Potentially influencing a presidential campaign by knowing exactly which buttons to press to get a specific response… Do you think this is too far?


Motiv Ring Fitness & Sleep Tracker

If you like knowing your stats when it comes to your hobbies or sports, you should check out the Motiv ring. What makes it different than other trackers is that it is extremely low profile but powerful. It monitors heart rate, tracks activity, and records your sleep. Sure, there are a lot of other fitness trackers out there that do just this, but most of them are bulky, uncomfortable, and not exactly fashionable. This waterproof ring solves that problem.

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Auto Organization of Your Photos

Apple Photos knows a lot about your photos. It keeps track of the people in your photos, the location, date, time and even what kind of things that can be seen in the images. Would it not be great if you also had access to all that information? Well, with Photos Tagger you can. Photos Tagger extracts the hidden metadata from the Photos database and assign it to your photos as keywords.

Photos Tagger will make it much easier to find and organize your photos. It will make it easier to set up smart albums based on exactly the things you want.


Does Your Photos App Make You Feel Like This?

Trust me. I get it. I've asked my clients and social media community numerous times and the overwhelming response to "What is your #1 frustration with your technology?" is always unorganized, un-synced, overwhelming photos. Here's the good news: In just a couple of hours, I'm going to be hitting your inbox with something juicy. And it's going to help you transform your photos nightmare for good. Stay tuned..

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Smart Albums in Photos

Smart Albums are a powerful tool in the Photos app that most people don’t know much about. It’s a way to have the Photos app find photos for you. For example you can tell it to find pictures with the keyword Surfing in them. Anytime a photo gets tagged with the keyword Surfing, it will show up in that album. Or you can make a smart album called Family. Tell it to find any pictures with a specific person it it.

You start by going into the People section and name that faces Photos recognized. Then when making your smart album, you tell it Face - Contains - Madeline, Face - Contains - Josh… etc. Pretty sweet, huh?


My Go-To Cycling and Hiking App

Strava has been my go-to app for recording my bike rides and hikes for years now, and I still love it. It’s fun to see my stats from a bike ride and be able to see other’s rides/runs as well. When hiking, it’s cool to see the elevation gain, mileage and a record on a map of what I did. It's also great if you're into running—though if you are, I'm sure you've already heard of it! If you're just getting started, check it out. It’s free and easy to use!